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Introduction to WaterCAD

Water Distribution Modeling and Management

WaterCAD is a robust and comprehensive water distribution modeling solution that can be customized with additional modeling platforms and modules as your modeling requirements grow.

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Easy, easy, easy

Ease of use is WaterCAD's secret formula for success. New users quickly learn their way around using the interface they feel more comfortable with, while experienced modelers discover new time-saving tools every day.  

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Exercise your platform freedom

Harness MicroStation's powerful 3D modeling and geospatial features, use AutoCAD's convenient drafting environment to layout your models, or choose the straight-forward stand-alone interface. The choice is yours and only WaterCAD gives you that freedom.

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Start simple and add functionality as you need it

WaterCAD is an affordable water modeling solution that grows with your hydraulic modeling needs. Out of the box, WaterCAD gives you robust hydraulic, fire flow, water quality, criticality, energy, and capital cost analysis features-with the possibility of adding advanced GA calibration, automated design, skeletonization, and SCADA and ArcGIS integration features.

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Find more time for engineering

Time-saving features help you streamline data entry and leave you more time for engineering and decision-making. Use flexible tabular reports, maintain your own engineering attribute libraries for faster data input, create persistent multi-parameter queries, and manage engineering units on the fly.

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Control water losses

Bentley water solutions can we can help users make better decisions on prioritization, from leak detection to criticality analysis and pressure control.

Learn more about Bentley's Water Loss Management solutions.

Jumpstart your model using your existing data

If you already have CAD drawings, GIS files, or external databases for your water system, you are only a few clicks away from having a WaterCAD model of your network. Geospatial modules help you allocate demands and elevations automatically, while easy to use wizards help you extract data and topology from your geospatial data sets, SCADA, and external databases.

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Share your work with everyone

Use the included MicroStation integration features to generate smart PDFs to share your modeling results with anyone with Acrobat Reader, or post your model drawings to the Web using MicroStation's Google Earth Tools. You can also hand your WaterCAD model to a WaterGEMS user, or export it to EPANET to collaborate with your peers.  

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Be prepared to respond

WaterCAD helps you be more responsive to emergencies and complaints. Simulate contamination, fires flow scenarios, pipe breaks, and power outages and find the best operational strategies to address them. Use the new Criticality Analysis Center to determine critical network segments to prioritize rehabilitation investment.  

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Organize your scenarios for better decision making

Use WaterCAD's Scenario Control Center to organize an unlimited number of design, water demand, operation, and network topology scenarios, create solution scenarios on the fly, and compare results for better decision-making support.  

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Robust hydraulics and comprehensive cost assessment

WaterCAD accurately models the operation of variable-speed pumps, pressure-dependant demands, rule-based controls, and hydrants to emulate the most complex operational strategies. Develop energy-saving strategies using WaterCAD to determine the cost of operating your pumps using any energy tariff.  

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Understand results easily

Spot operational bottlenecks with animated 3D graphs of time-variable data, use property-based color coding, element symbology and annotation, find low pressure zones or poor chlorine concentration areas by generating contour maps, plot multiple attributes for a series of elements on the same profile, and analyze tabular data with full unit control, built-in filtering, sorting, and statistical analysis.

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