Bentley Software Activation Process

As part of most Bentley software installation processes you are prompted to use the Product Activation Wizard to register your product.  This requires the activation key provided on the Software Download page of the STUDENTserver.  This is a 29+ character code associated with your school for "Home Use" on your personal laptop or desktop computer. 

When you run the Product Activation Wizard immediately after installation you are prompted to identify the type of SELECT server your Site Activation Key will be activated against. You must choose the hosted (Bentley) SELECT Server option.

1. When the Product Activation Wizard appears, select the first option:

       "SELECT subscriber activating against a hosted (Bentley) SELECT Server"

2. Click Next.

You are prompted only for your Site Activation Key.

3. Enter the site activation key character string from the STUDENTserver Software Download page into the Site Activation Key field. You can use copy (Ctrl-c) and paste (Ctrl-v) from the software download web page to this field.

Copy/Paste your key into the Site Activation Key field.

4. Click Next.

5. Confirm the Server Name ( and Site Activation key information then click Finish to complete the Activation process.

At this point, you can run your Benltey product without interruption. Each time you start your program, the software will attempt to validate your account via the internet. You can run up to 30 days disconnected from the internet before the product reverts to its demo mode (runs for 15 minutes before automatically shutting down). Reconnection to the internet will revalidate your copy of the product and restart the 30 day timer.


If, during the product installation process you skip the product activation step, you can always run it after the fact.  Each Bentley product provides access to the License Manager either within the product itself or as part of the Start Menu > Programs product folder.  For instance, to access the Product Activation Wizard in MicroStation V8i, follow these steps: 

1. Start the program MicroStation V8i (in Classic Start menu mode: Start menu > Programs > Bentley > MicroStation V8i > Bentley MicroStation V8i)

If you are past the 30 day disconnected mode and in the demo mode, you can still access the License Manager (Product Activation Wizard) during the 15 minute demo period.

2. Open any design file or create a new one and open it.

The purpose of this step is to get into the MicroStation design environment.

3. Once in MicroStation V8i, select Utilities menu > License Management...

The License Management Tool dialog appears.

4. From the License Management Tool dialog select Tools menu > Product Activation Wizard

5. Resume the product activation process described in the previous section.


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