The LEARNserver is the nexus of all training activities provided and tracked by the Bentley Institute. It supports live instructor-led (classroom and virtual classroom learning) as well as self-paced (on-demand lectures and hands-on) courses.  Courses are organized in catalogs organized by vertical and the two major types of content delivery (instructor or self-paced).

A User or Learner who completes any course, whether instructor-led or self-paced, earn Learning Units which are tracked by the LEARNserver and recorded to the learner's Professional Training Transcript.

The LEARNserver is a Learning Management System (LMS) that utilizes key Microsoft technologies including .NET, SQL Server and Windows Media Server.  One interesting feature of the system is its support for local languages for the user interface.  Based on a user's language preference and office location stored in their profile, the LEARNserver displays its interface in the appropriate local culture in language and date / number formatting.  This is independent of the actual course descriptions or content, the subject of a future enhancement.

Note:  When you visit the LEARNserver unless you have logged in using your SELECT Login, your initial view of the LEARNserver will be in Guest Learner mode.

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