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Design of RC Box Culverts as per IRC specifications

Dear friends,

                        Iam fresher in the design of bridges, so requesting some of you whoever may be having the design sheets for the design of RC box culverts as per IRC standards or AASHTO standards. Design sheets like excels for staad analysis for 2D analysis and 3D analysis as per IRC specifications or as per AASHTO. iIam very interesting to learn the designs so kindly any one send me the copies to my email ID

Thanks with regards


Asst. Structural Engineer


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  • Hi VijayKumar,

    We do not provide design sheets or STAAD 2D & 3D analysis files to the clients . i would recommend you to buy N Krishan Raju (Bridge Design engineering ) book as reference for design of RCC Box Culverts.

    Thanks & Regards,

    VInay Mysore

  • In reply to Vinay mysore:

    Hi Vinay

                 Thanks for your reply. Iam new to the bridge design but in my office there is no proper training or guidence by our seniors. Iam very interesting in learning designs but Iam not getting complete design procedure from any books. Whichever books i referred there will be only moment distribution method have been used and even that for only single cell box and also not provides details for IRC Class A vehicle and class 70 R wheeled vehicle. Which book will provide multicell design analysis procedure, please kindly reply.

    Thanks with regards


  • Hi Vinay

                  I will purchase the which you have prefered me to refer for the design of RC box culverts. I want to know the analysis for IRC load class A and class 70 R wheeled vehicle for multi lane carriageway, so Kindly reply.

    Thanks with regards



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