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Bentley Viewer for Apple iPad


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Bentley Viewer for Apple iPad

  • I believe the new Apple iPad will be a great solution for viewing CAD drawings. Currently iPhone has an app for viewing PDF files, however a viewer for dgn and dwg files would be a great addition.

    Imagine going to a meeting with, instead of an "Old School" stack of paper drawings, having your project on your iPad. With the resolution and screen size of the iPad this is a natural.

    Cutting Edge ?

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  • Mike, I not only imagine a world without stacks of paper, I attend meetings with CAD plans on a laptop.  I realize this doesn't line the pockets of Steve Jobs, but it works for me.
  • There is one available for Revit and Rhino...


  • The developer of goBIM made the following post on his site:

    admin says:
    January 26, 2010 at 6:39 pm
    I've got someone helping me out with a Microstation exporter presently. ...


    Hopefully a  Microstation exporter will be available soon.

  • My iPad would welcome access to my DGN's.... I can currently access and take on site all my PDF prints and TIFF plans... But... having DGN's and navigable 3D models would be a treat!

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  • I don't have an iPad but instead of having each software have a viewer, why not have something that everything puts-out like adobe Acrobat pdf does now on PC?

    3D PDF files for 3D Models, Animations, Walk-thru's, etc.

    2D Layer control, measure etc..

    Mark-up pdf files that have Commenting enabled.

    Doen't iPads have the ability to read .pdf?

    If you want a viewer isn't the most common one used now the one you would want?

    I Hope this Helps!

  • The CAD App, Net-It Enterprise 7.0, might be the answer.

  • DeviceVM App Runs Windows on an Apple iPad

  • Autodesk has release a free cloud based dwg viewer for the iPad.  It was a bit slow to load but I was told their servers were really getting slammed the last few days and they are adding more.

    Speed was comparable to PDF viewers.  

    No 3D support.

    Overall I was pretty disappointed in the drawing tools.  

    I think they kind of missed the boat.  Its not really a good platform for editing a drawing.  At least now how they are doing it.  It could be a great platform for markups and reviewing in the field.  Being cloud based will really limit its usability in the field.

    What is really need is a good set of mark up tools similar to what Adobe has for PDF.  I wish Adobe or somebody would release a mobile version of reader that included the markup tools.

    So I think there is still an opportunity for someone to market a good mobile cad viewer/markup tool.

  • Goodreader has added support for PDF comment/markups.  You can now mark up or add notes to PDF drawings on the iPad.

  • Can you show 3d-pdfs on a iPad?

  • I haven't been able to with Goodreader or the native iOS PDF viewer.  

    Adobe has dumped 3D PDF's to a 3rd party and and has discontinued Acrobat PRO Extended.  They still support 3D in their reader but had made no commitments to port it iOS.

  • Bentley Viewer  or a Bentley Navigator type app for the iPad would be a great.     The idea to have access to this in such a format would be very helpful.

    Brian Thomas, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

    GH2 Architects