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  Version(s): V8
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Basic information for licensing MicroStation V8.

For SELECT subscribers who are taking advantage of Concurrent Licensing

Create a file called msv8.lic in MicroStation V8's licensing folder (by default, C:\Program Files\Bentley\Program\Licensing\) and point to the computer name on which SELECTserver is currently running (just like you would in MicroStation/J).

As an alternative, if you have an existing msj.lic file that you are using to access SELECTserver from MicroStation/J, copy that file to MicroStation V8's licensing folder (by default, C:\Program Files\Bentley\Program\Licensing\) and then rename the file to msv8.lic (MicroStation V8 will not recognize msj.lic as a valid license file).

Should you have any questions, please contact your site administrator for directions on how to access the License Manager portion of SELECTserver. For information on Concurrent Licensing, such as how to take advantage of this cost saving Bentley SELECT benefit, visit the SELECTserver product page.

For individually licensed computers (nodelocked)

If you purchased a new commercial license for MicroStation V8, the steps to license the product are:

Install MicroStation V8.
When you start the product, a Licensing Information dialog box appears. Use the information that it provides when licensing the product. If you are not taking advantage of SELECTserver, this is what is used to generate your unique license number.
Fill out the appropriate Licensing Form on the Bentley Web site or fill out the Software Licensing Form and mail or fax it to the Sales Support Group that services your area.

NOTE: If you are a SELECT subscriber, you should receive a SELECT certificate instead of having to fill out any licensing information. If you license this product electronically, you do not need to fill out the Software Licensing Form (or Card). If you do use the Software Licensing Form (or Card), please type in the information or print clearly. If you mail the Software Licensing Form (or Card), please make sure that you retain a copy for your records.

If you would like to make your MicroStation/J license work with MicroStation V8, follow these steps:

Install MicroStation V8.
Go to SELECTservices Online.
Go to My Support Account > License Tool in the menu to the left.
Enter the MicroStation/J serial number that you wish to upgrade.
Click on the Upgrade button to make applicable changes.

If you have any questions about licensing Bentley products, or are having trouble getting a Bentley product licensed please contact the Bentley Administration Center that services your area. Please use your product Serial Number for reference in all correspondence with Bentley Sales Support.

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