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(InfoSnap V8i) -- call for Beta


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(InfoSnap V8i) -- call for Beta

  • Hi friends,

    I have posted a Beta release of your favorite free utility InfoSnap, now ported to V8i.

    The download place is (as always) our web site at: http://www.ustation.se

    Be careful do download the correct version (i.e. V8i, as all available versions are not interchangeable platformwise), then simply unzip InfoSnap files to your ...\microstation\mdlapps directory, enlist it in MS_DGNAPPS variable and you are basically done.

    InfoSnap's functionality includes a number of intelligent tools that automate the process of uncluttering your MicroStation desktop. Not only can you extract data from MicroStation graphics, but also you have plenty of room to hunt for data without interference from dialog boxes, tool palettes and the like. Advanced threat detection and warning system protects user from numerous mishaps caused by some of more difficult to observe MicroStation conditions.

    Base functionality covers:
    - Instant access to element source, attributes, and data.
    - Instant activation of retrieved attributes and reusing them for new elements.
    - Full control over AccuSnap's balloon.
    - Instant navigation across reference files and DGN models.
    - Cleanup precious working area by automatically hiding or shrinking (and expanding) MicroStation dialog boxes on cursor flyover.
    - And more... much more.

    Virtually all features are fully user-configurable.


    Best Regards,

    /Chris Zakrewsky

    Team uStation AB





    /Chris Z.

  • IS error.txt


    InfoSnap will not load on my V8i installation.  Message center messages are attached.  Note that I have GeoPak installed and have InfoSnap last on the DGN_APPS list.


  • Hi John,

    Are both files: InfoSnap.ma and InfoSnap.dll placed in your ...\microstation\mdlapps directory?  

    Are both files from the same delivery (December 2008)?

    The message says that the second one can not be loaded, so let's start with clearing this most obvious cause.



    /Chris Z


    /Chris Z.

  • Chris:

    The correct files were not in the mdlapps folder, but they are there now (don't have any idea where the older versions came from).

    Can I copy over my settings files from XM, or do I need to set everything up again?


  • Chris-

    Got it working.  I imported my XM settings and no troubles so far.  Thanks for getting this out so quickly - I can't be productive without it.


  • John Cannon

    I can't be productive without it.

    Thanks John, words like this keep me motivated :-)


    /Chris Z.

  • I have infosnap on v7 here and accidentally dragged it off the screen where I can no longer see it. How can I retrieve it?

  • rustysilo,

    Positions of MDL dialogboxes are maintained by MicroStation v7 in User Preference File (*.upf). Removing this file will reset all dialog box positions to default layout (and unfortunately a lot of other prefences too).

    InfoSnap is no different than any other MDL you may have on top of MicroStation in this regard.

    However, depending on your hardware, you may also be able to define a higher screen resolution in Windows, or define a secondary screen, and then resize MicroStation program window to the point where unhides the offending dialogbox?

    But are you really, positively sure that you dragged it off screen in the first place?

    Maybe you have inadvertendly enabled the "Silent load" option instead? Try to issue the keyin: MDL LOAD INFOSNAP and see whether it reappears or not.



    /Chris Z.



    /Chris Z.

  • I definitely dragged it off the screen. I was trying to move it out of the way a bit and went a little too far. The good news is I wondered if I just started clicking and dragging at the bottom if maybe it would pick it back up so I tried it. It worked! Yeehaw! I noticed a dot right at the bottom of the window near the windows taskbar and there was just enough to bring it back.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  • Clicking Window|Cascade from the top menu also works.