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line style scale


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line style scale

  • How can I change an existing line style scale (the lengths of dashes, and dots in a line style)? As an Autodesk user, I know this can be done by changing the drawing scale, or an elements linetype scale. Not sure how to do this in Microstation. The issues is I have a drawing someone else did, but the line styles do not have the appropriate scale (lengths between dashes, and dots). In the help file under Line styles > scale it talks about scales for cell placement. The line styles are not cells, so I'm not sure how to obtain the desired result.

    Microstation v08.05.02.70
    Geopak v08.08.03.24
    Vista 64-bit
    8 GB ram
    Duo Core 2.8GHz
    Dell Precision M6300


  • Select the line(s) you want to change. Key-in: change linestyle scale 1

    This is assuming you want the scale to be 1, you can enter any number you want/need.


  • thank you. that is what i needed.