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MicroStation in MAC OS

  • Hi everyone,

    Does anybody knows if MicroStation works in MAC OS?


    Bill Prassas

  • Microstation is Windows only, the last version for MAC OS was Microstation SE (1997).



  • Hi Bill-

    There is no Mac-native version of MicroStation.  But you can run MicroStation on a Mac by running Windows on a Mac; this can be done with Boot Camp or with a virtualization solution such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels. 

    I actually talked about running MicroStation on a Mac in my blog.  If you want more info than that, feel free to contact me. 




  • Bill,


    I run MicroStation in Bootcamp and also have both Fusion and Parallels. Fusion has display issues with Microstation line styles (1-7) . Parallels has come a long way and I now prefer it over Fusion but Bootcamp will give you the best performance. If I'm mainly going to working in MicroStation all day I will use Bootcamp with XP.   The iMac  actually make for an excellent PC.

    My recommendation are.

    1) First thing I do is dump the apple mouse and get a good 2 button corded mouse with scroll wheel.  I love Apples stuff but their mice don't work well with MicroStation.  Especially if you use a 2 button cord for snapping.

    2) If your working with large files or 3D rendering bootcamp is the way to go.  I prefer XP because it has a smaller footprint.

    3) For smaller files or quick reviewing I use Parallels.

    4) Set up a VM machine and install MS on it.  DON'T use the bootcamp patition from Parallels, if you do you take a huge hit on start-up times both in Parallels and Bootcamp.

    5) Select server may report 2 licenses being use.   Bentley is aware their software falsely reports the number of licenses being used on some VM's.




  •  Autodesk Certifies Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac - Desktop Engineering - June 2010

  • www.theapplelounge.com/.../autocad-mac-beta-immagini

    Autocad on mac available the first beta

  • I was running MicroStation in Parallels until I "upgraded" to Windows 7.  Now I'm in authentication hell.  4 calls to MicroSoft sending me in a giant circle and repeating the same process over and over and over.  After 40 minutes on the last call I finally get through do someone with a brain AND the power to make a decision.  Then of course AT&T drops my call right in the middle of Bob from India giving me a new load key.  Never heard back from good old Bob even though I gave out my name, email and phone number and explanation of the problem a dozen times in the previous hour.  I just love Windows.

  • David,

    I'm considering running Microstation on one of our Macs. All these comments on using Macs have been really helpful.

    Have you heard more from Bentley if they've solved the license reporting issue?

    I have no experience running Windows on a Mac so just wondering why you would have Bootcamp, Parallels and Fusion? Why not stick to one?



    Mary M

  • Mary,

    I don't use Fusion anymore.  MicroStation proved to work better with Parallels.

    Large files and 3d work better under Bootcamp.

    parallels offer the advantage of accessing other OSX apps.

    For me if I'll be working all day in MS I use bootcamp.   If I need a quick plot or edit I use bootcamp.   I also have a few other windows program I use mainly in parallels.

    Bentley has not notified me lately of any licensing issues



  • I think that with the way things are going for Apple, and the fact that Autodesk has now been OSX enabled for a while, Bentley ought to look into re-porting to the Mac, as well.

    My gut feeling is that there is some undisclosed agreement with Microsoft that is stopping it, which would be a shame. MS is the only program that I need Windows for and I found Parallels to be too damn slow even for just faffing around so now I am Bootcamping but it is frustrating to have to boot into Windows for just the one program :-}

  • Hi,

    There are a lot of tools in the Windows platform.  Bentley has taken advantage of some of these tools for a long time.  I know that they've been talking about rewriting some of them, but no schedule has been offered.  I don't see Microstation going to the Mac until Bentley is less dependent on the Microsoft/Windows built-in tools.


  • Hmm, I doubt that similar tools/functionality wouldn't be available in the OSX platform.

    Anyway, surely would be nice not to need Windows for only one program...

  • OS X and Windows, working together

  • Roy, I get a "community not found error."  Is that from a private area?


  • me too..