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  • Nature 1024 5m18s.jpg

    why do you use fur for trees? for this one I use about 1200 high res trees

    And this one with fur.


  • Very nice Christiaan!
  • screen3.jpg

    Hello Dalsgaard,

    with image-based trees you will never get professional output.

    You need real 3d models of trees and carefuly seup their materials.

    There is a lot of complex tree models that you can buy. Unfortunately

    most of them are in format not supported by Microstation. Check Evermotion

    for example. They produce their trees in various file formats (obj. is supported

    by MS).

    When you have your trees ready use them as instances with random scale and rotation.

     Now you can get nice images even aerial views.



  • trees3.jpg

    Ooops.. Screen 3 is a wrong image of course. Here is the right one.



  • Great images Jozef. Are those renderd in MicroStation + Luxology? If yes, can you tell how you made that fantastic lighing?
  • Unfortunately not. It is completely modeled i Microstation except cars and trees.

    Then it is exported and rendered in different software and postprocessed in Photoshop.

    I have wanted to describe basic principle of rendering nice looking trees.

    I believe similar output can be achivede wit Luxology. I `m trying to change my workflow

    to MS/Luxology but it will take some time...



  • I'm afraid we have to wait until we can achieve this kind of sharpness / details and natural lighting / shadowing in MicroStation. The image looks very V-ray ;-).
  • Haha.. Yes. That`s right. :-)
  • Jozef, great images verry nice (realistic) trees... 

    Thanks Louis.

  • Try XFROG standalone application to control the polygon counts of the tree you want, then export it to 3D Studio Max to retain its mesh and mapping properties, then import it in Microstation. It works pretty well for me. Buy the program and any species library you want, throw them in the program and modifiy it. Check out The program isn't user friendly but follow the tutorials and you will only need to know the basics to adjust the polygons on trunk, limb, branches and leaves. Good luck.

  • I have been playing with some of the sample .obj files from the site recommended below - very nice, but how do you get them textured up?


  • 3ds_import.jpg

    Yes. There is no way to texture imported obj models...

    Try 3ds. In 3ds I am able to select parts of model and texture it.

    You have to set texture units to "surface" and mapping to "parametric".



  • Yesterday I was short of time so I have imported only simple model from vol.69.

    Today I was trying to import some complex tree and I found it is not possible...

    When I want to export complex tree from Max to 3ds it says "too many faces (more than 64K) to export"...

    3Ds format can not handle such complex geometry. Now I now why there are not 3ds format

    models in many Evermotion collections...

     I use Max for rendering so i didn`t know it would be so hard to import nice tree to Microstation...

     Support of Autodesk FBX format by Microstation would solve the problem. FBX can handle such complex

    models and preserves material coordinates.

    Are there any plans to support FBX format Bentley?



  • XFROG2.jpg

    I could import the free example BL02_Betula_lenta_sweet_birch (3.86MB)  from XFROG into Microstation with following workflow:

    - open the .3ds and save as .dgn

    - convert the leafs pattern from .tiff to .png and give them a transparent background

    BTW I´m using the same procedure with .obj files from Abaro (free tool from Sourceforge)

  • what impact do these trees have on a smooth rendered modes?

    I often need to push out a flythrough at the last minute and a smooth rendered animation is my best bet. Does dropping in a few hundred of these 3d trees not kill your PC?

    Thats the reason I was looking for ridiculously low poly/geometry options.