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  • I think for animation the less render intensiv is to use RPC threes.
  • No good for high angles though...
  • Jozef,

     What settings do you use for export Evermotion models to OBJ file..... I'm missing the materials



  • imported.jpg

    Hi Christiaan, forget obj format. With luxology beta3 you can export model

    do Autodesk FBX format and then import it into Microstation.

    Hit "Open" - choose display all file formats - select your exported

    fbx file. In Material Editor you have to define where are pattern maps.

    I have exported a small tree to FBX and then imported it to MS with no problem.

    Then assigned materials and rendered. Here are some images.

    The first two images are rendered in MS. Next two are images of original

    model rendered in Max with VRay. By the way VRay is much faster...



  • Jozef Prievoznik:

    -- snip ---

    Support of Autodesk FBX format by Microstation would solve the problem. FBX can handle such complex

    models and preserves material coordinates.

    Are there any plans to support FBX format Bentley?


    latest Luxology update adds FBX support. although only geometry is supported, no textures / cameras / lights.




  • Yes it is true Peter, but for now it is important that at least texture mapping soordinates are handled with fbx file

    and we are able to  reproduce materials in Microstation.

    You can use any texture and set "parametric" mapping mode.



  • Thanks Jozef, i'll give it a try!
  • I've used 3D Coat Trees to generate a few different trees and then imported them into a library. It has enough settings to keep you busy for hours tweaking settings.
  • I've managed to get some of the trees from Xfrog as FBX, textured them up and they render beautifully on their own, so thankful I found this thread as its single handedly quadrupled my tree library in a matter of minutes.

    My question now would be what's the best way to use these new found assets in a model.

    For example I have a scene that I used to just photoshop trees into in the past.

    I've referenced a tree in and it looks great (sure they take a while to render but hey) but now I need to have six more in the scene.

    If I duplicate the reference file of the single tree and rotate/scale will Luxology see the tree as just one instance and render it quicker or should I just use a separate reference file with 6 trees within it and pull them in that way?

    Or is there another way to get around this - Perhaps creating the tree as a cell (I did try this but I seem to lose all material attachments and I'm not clued up enough about palettes and how materials follow each other around to sort it out :-)

    Keep up the good work guys your advice has already helped me improve 200% :-)

  • these are xfrog trees:

  • Robert, if I recall correct MicroStation don't consider references as a single instance. So using references is a killer for rendering unfortunatley.

    For best performance add them as cells (scale should work, I guess)


  • We have been experimenting with Xfrog stuff. Brought in from OBJ and the saved as cells.

    I rendered a 3000x2000px exterior better shot with long fur grass as the base and 130 trees as shared cells in 1 hour 15 minutes.

    Also recently spoken to Stewart McSherry of Xfrog and put him in touch with Jerry. I brought him up to date on MS and Luxo which he wasn't aware of. He is keen to release Xfrog tree and plant libraries as MS cell libraries, possibly with Jerry's help.

    The more requests they get the higher up the list we will be. So if this interests you then get in touch with him.


  • Download free 3d plant and tree models from each of the 30 XfrogPlants libraries!


  • Xfrog is a fantastic tree creator and can be directly used in program's like Maya (As a plugin). I wish MicroStation could be compatible with a program like this.  

  • Hi guys, Having tried both my own RPC-trees (lighting is horrible), "real"-rpc trees (also odd-looking) fur-billboard-trees (oh the horror, my eyes.. my eyes.. they bleed), I really want to try 3D trees! I have the xfrog trials, and I can make a DGN. I can even make a DGN with "cells"...

    BUT, how do you make the cells keep the materials?

    Has anyone got a guide for making a cell library with materials that just works?

    (Babble: I can see my materials on the cells in the DGN when I make the multimodel DGN, but they are lost when reopening or using the cell. The materials are visible but not rendered if its through a reference file)

    Was the above helpful to you, then please like - thanks :)
    System: Win7 64bit 6GB Ram - v8i SS3