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  • Hi Torben,

    You're problem looks familiar to me. I've got the following workflow with this kind of trees.

    In the tree dgn file be sure you attach (certainly not assign) you're materials. In theory the trees should keep their materials already. If not like at the project I had last, try the following:

    -Open the models dialog and import the tree model from the dgn file. Look if the materials are still attached;
    -If not add the materials on the location of the MS_PATTERN variable or in the same directory of the dgn file.

    Now attach the model in the cell library and the materials should stay.

    By the way, does the import palette window work for you at this file?

    I hope this works.



  • Hi Louis, thanks for your advice. I´ll give it a spin once I get the time.. For the moment I have to settle for RPCs (I think)

    Was the above helpful to you, then please like - thanks :)
    System: Win7 64bit 6GB Ram - v8i SS3

  • Hi,

    The palette import STOPPED working! Right after I succefully imported a DGN to a model!

    A Reboot has not gotten it back to a working state again!?!

    I have used the import palette function all the time to get materials from other DGNs!?

    Why oh why did it stop working!!

    This is what I do:

    Form the material editor -> Palette -> Open ..

    The palette Open window does NOT allow me to browse!

    Works ok in 119

    Was the above helpful to you, then please like - thanks :)
    System: Win7 64bit 6GB Ram - v8i SS3

  • Gentelmen,

    for years, with very good results I use 3D models of trees from VBvisual. In addition to commonly used formats such as 3D Max, Maxwell Render, AutoCAD, there is a special edition for use in Microstation! Look at:

    You can find in their gallery some visualizations prepared for Fosters and Partners using these models. This is the best recommendation I think.



  • onyx tree test, SS3:


  • Hi,

    I've downloaded some of the X frog trees and have had similar problems getting them into MS as cells and keeping materials etc. It seems that a few people have been through the pain barrier with this and have managed to create working cell libraries. Is there anyone willing to share these? (or perhaps they are already available somewhere here?)

    Thanks in advance

    Ignore the above - Just installed Series 3 and they're all there out of the box - Thanks