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Camera projection material


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Camera projection material

  • Is there a method/projection mode to project an material/image from the camera position onto geometry?

    I see this is possible in Modo.

    This method would be invaluable for photomatching; where foreground masking geometry needs to look like the photo.

  • This isnt currently available we will look into adding this for the next release though.


    Paul Chater


  • Cool, looking forward to it.

    Relating to one of my other rants, is there any work being done on the exisitng projection mapping tools to make them more accurate to place, and more explicit in how they project textures on to geometry? I'm thinking something like the "Attach/Edit Projection" should work more like the  "Define ACS by points" tool. Something that makes snapping to elements plain to see, and shows the X, Y, (Z, Cylindrical, Spherical, Solid, orientation, etc) symbolically. Having the actual texture slide around the surface is nice but it tell me nothing about its alignment, tiling, origin relative to the global/geometry origin etc.

    I think being able to dynaically map textures with pedantic accuracy is going to be important as the new (cell based) geometry maps make thier way into 2D drawings via saved views.

  • I'll second that.  We need a better display widget with snappable & editable properties.

  • Hi Robert,

    I think that in some cases the advanced texture tools of Bentley Descartes could be a good workaround for placing more accurately a texture.

    Note that those tools have not been designed specifically for what you are looking for and you will likely find the various steps involved in producing a parametric mapped material with those tools a bit too much. But you'll get the accuracy.

    More information are available at




  • Yes there is certainly some crossover that needs to be looked at, and we've discussed this before:

    It's just that now that textures could be playing an important role in drawing production, we really need that precise control in Microstation, not a seperate package.

  • Robert,

    I would suggest that you enter a change request, if you have not done so already. Or maybe start a new thread about the placement issue.




  • Service Ticket raised

  • Got it ;-)