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  • Forum Thread: 3d lines in conjunction with the Material Tables and Pallets

    I made 3d lines which consist with Points and attached to them Strokes. Poins were created from 3d models based on simple surfaces (unfortunately none of Smart elements or even Cells are not supported by Line Editor). To these Surfaces I attached (not assigned) custom Material. And it would seem that...
  • Forum Thread: Material for 3D net fence

    Hello, I need to render net fence as part of bigger project, but I want to use simple surface with attached material instead of 3D model of net. At the end I want to animate "flyover" so it is a matter of efficiency. I tried to use Displace for both sides of surface and Pattern for clipping...
  • Wiki Page: Studio2

    Setup for a studio environment without source lights Floor: Create a circular surface with a gradient opacity map from grey to transparent.(outside) Environment: 2-color gradient with nadir color slate grey (RGB 112/128/144) and zenit color white. The .dgn file with environment settings...
  • Wiki Page: Photostudio

    Setup for a studio enviroment: -created a surface for the floor, background and ceiling - "light-walls" left and right ( the red and green shapes) -apply area light or glow material to both, with diffrent intense ( 100% / 50% ) - a top light that is reflected by the ceiling ( the...
  • Wiki Page: realistic lighting

    Tips to start setting up realistic lighting: from KurtS and Peter Tegza " The Lighting settings in the default 3d seed file that comes with Microstation V8i are not optimized for rendering with Luxology. The good thing is that it is easy to make changes that improves the ...
  • Wiki Page: Luxology beginners guide

    This could be a Wiki for all beginners, collecting tips, how to start from scratch. Wikis are open for editing, so you can add and change what you want! We could use some Best Practices for Managing Materials , explaining when it is recommended to use internal or external material definitions and...
  • Media: city lights

    illuminated city, simple glow material
  • Media: Lift interior (ignore fish eye)

    copyright probably belongs to make architects
  • Media: Private Resi Almost Passivhaus

    things missing in this model: house is on top of hill garden dry stone walling
  • Media: Google earth backdrop

    I made a saved view, then exported a kml. Inside of google earth clicked on the view. Shut off the kml and saved the image. Added the image as a background when rendering.
  • Forum Thread: New to Rendering and Visualizations

    For someone that is very new to all this. How do I get more knowledgeable in stuff like this? I read some posts that where talking about macros, and I have no idea what that is. Anyways, what would be the best process in learning this stuff? Currently at work, we are working on MicroStation XM. We do...
  • Forum Thread: Distributed Rendering procedure?

    I have got the distributed rendering to work on my machine. If I want other machines to contribute to an animation script I am recording, do I open the same file (or a copy of it?) and start the exact same process (with the same output name) on that machine with distributed rendering selected? ...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Problem saving .avi and .wmv movie files....

    This solved our problems. Hopefully this gets fixed in the Q1 release.
  • Forum Thread: Rendering of Objects Edges made with 'Group Hole' tool

    I am working in XM, trying to render objects made with the 'Group Hole' tool, and their edges are showing up when I render (smooth, raytrace). This does not happen in V8. The objects are drawn this way for the purpose of texture map orientation and avoiding having to create multiple different materials...
  • Forum Reply: Re: New to Rendering and Visualizations

    Do I need to learn any type of script writing or any type of computer language?
  • Forum Thread: antialias not working with distributed rendering raytrace

    I am using the latest 14a download of the luxology engine and when I try to save an image from a view with raytrace on and antialias on using distributed rendering, the antialias does not work. Works fine if I don't use DR. Ray

    If we use just a flashbulb in a simple scene, objects appear dark, withou light, is it normal using any kind of rendering mode (basic, better...) what is the difference between light flash version v8i compared to the previous versions? thanks in advance¡
  • Forum Reply: Re: Visualization/rendering differences between v8 2004 and V8XM/i

    Hi Pau, I recommend to search this and also MicroStation > MicroStation V8i > MicroStation V8i - Visualization forum, where changes in MicroStation V8i visualization have been discussed in detail a couple of times. From my personal point of view is these changes are the result of...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Low CPU usage when rendering in Microstation V8i

    Hi, the multithreaded rendering engine in MicroStation V8i you mentioned is Luxology, so if you want to be sure all your cores/processors will be utilized, use Luxology (Utilities > Render > Luxology). If your image is rendered line by line, you probably use some other rendering method ...
  • Forum Thread: V8i and Luxology - Slower Speeds and Lesser Quality?!?!

    We're getting faster, better renderings using particle trace with MicroStation V8i then we are with Luxology, and that seems backasswards to me. There's something wrong here, either with our workstations, our rendering settings, or with Bentley's initial implementation of Luxology. For comparison...
  • Forum Thread: Distributed rendering - finding processors

    I have a very besic question that not even the Help Index can give an ancwer to: How do i find and connect connect to other computers when setting up a distributed rendering? Kind regards Frank
  • Forum Thread: material assignment issue

    I am trying to assign material to Bentley Architecture forms. Everytime I reopen the design file, the assignment is lost. I have to reassign it. I noticed some walls don't remember material assignment and some do. This doesn't happen when I attach material in 3D surface/face or even object like solids...
  • Forum Thread: Rendering Point Clouds

    I have started to use some of the point cloud tools in the SS2 release. I have not found a way to be able to render a frame or animation of the point cloud. Is this even possible and what settings/render style should I use? Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Rendering

    Hello, I`m a student who is learning to use Microstation V8i (select series 3). So I`m quite new at working with MS and i have a problem, which i can`t solve. So i`m trying to render a house first floor, but it will fail every time i use it. Okay not every time one time it succeeded, but then i had...
  • Forum Reply: Re: realistic lighting

    The Lighting settings in the default 3d seed file that comes with Microstation V8i are terrible (sorry Bentley gurus - but it's true and I've mentioned this a couple of times before :)) The good thing is that it is easy to make changes that improves the rendering output dramatically. Some...