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How to copy elements from one .dgn to another

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How to copy elements from one .dgn to another

  • Hi All:

    How do you copy elements from one .dgn file to another and keep the elements at the same x, y.

    In AutoCad I would copy and paste at 0,0...but can't find the command in Microstation.


  • Reference the file you want to copy the elements from to the file you want to copy the elements to.

    Select the elements you wish to copy.

    Click "Copy" command.

    Snap (tentative) to a location and accept. Snap to an element as you want to be able to replicate this location for the next step.

    Snap to the same location and accept.

    The Elements will be copied into the new DGN at the same loacation.


  • Thanks, I try that.

    I used the "import cad files" but the dwg file does not come in at the same x,y...why?

  • Could be different "Global Origin" settings between the DWG and the DGN you are importing the data to OR it could be different units of resolution between the files.

    It can sometimes be tricky to work out exactly the differences between files - there are many user defiend settings that can cause differences like you have seen.

  • When you attach the reference, try attaching you Coincident World. As long as the coordiantes can match it should come in where you want.

  • You can also use File > Reference > Attach .dgn file (it lets you attach at the proper location). Then highlight that reference file and select Tools > Merge into Master.  It again lets you select the proper location.  Check that you don't have any scale or rotation factors turned on.  This should merge all dgn graphics.
  • I tried the attach (using the coincident world) and copy but x,y is still not exact.

    Very suprised that there is not a simple cut and paste at 0,0 command!

    Have to attach the dwg file, then copy and then dettach...seems kind of a long process

  • When attaching a dwg file there is no option for coincident world but just when I attach a dwg at coincident the file is not at the correct x,y
  • thermal:

    Very suprised that there is not a simple cut and paste at 0,0 command!

    Sure there is, just open the Key-In (similar to acad) from Utilities > Key-in and during the copy command type in dx=0 dy=0.


  • You mean




    for short.


    Using MicroStation since...


  • Could you explain in steps for using the keyin to copy elements from one file to another? Thanks!
  • Greg,

    Also try using the MicroStation FF= key-in.  In the Index of the MicroStation help file, key in fence file and you should see the corresponding help file that provides more explanation on how the key in works.  I have used this key in successfully in the past.  See if it works for your situation.  This should only be used if you are trying to copy the elements to a new DGN file.


    Jason Smithey

  • Just out of curiosity, have you tried to convert the file to a dgn and then attach at the correct coordinates? This would at least get around that part of the problem.

  • Identify the elements to be copied - this is either with a fence, by selection set or individually.

    When the copy command askes for you to accept the selection, thats when you key in:


    And that issues the acceptance point at the same coordinate (delta x,y,z of 0,0,0)

    With fence or selection, you are identifying the point to copy from first. This is like AutoCAD Base Point. With individual elements, the point on which you identify the elements is the base point.

    DX=0,0,0 is like @ in AutoCAD.


    Using MicroStation since...


  • Can't figure it out....

    1. select elements
    2. right click menu...copy to clip board
    3. key in DX=,,
    4. open another file
    5. right click menu...paste from clip board?????

    the elements are just floating waiting for data point