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Mass Haul Diagram in MX Road (version XM)

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Mass Haul Diagram in MX Road (version XM)

  • hi ,

    I am using MX road (XM version) and want to get Mass Haul diagrams. I went through HELP section but was unable to get info abt how exactly it is done. I did try this command given in HELP section in line mode  but I am getting this error msg tht "Model does not exist" even after I created all the necessary models. So if anybody is having correct command for linemode please help. Also i want to ask where is this "MASS HAUL ANALYSIS"  found in MX tools?


  • Hello,

     I have some examples of INput to create a Mass Haul Diagram.

     If you want to contact me at I cna let you have them.


    Simon Pegg

    Bentley Civil TSG

  • Dear Simon,


    Can I have a copy from thoses input files.


    Ahmed Hazem


    You can find example files in the tutorial folder, typically:
    C:\Program Files\....\ MX \ MfW \ xx_tut

    The input files are called "simp105.inp" and "Simp105 in NTA.inp" (for non-tangential projects).

    I've also zipped and attached them.

    Best Regards


  • Dear Sir,

     Thanks for your reply, but any avilable help about the content of that txt files.

     Do Bently have a plan to add mass haul to GUI???.



    Ahmed Hazem

  • There is a GUI option for mass haul diagrams. It's in the MX tools - on the Australian one I think. Support will be able to help you if you haven't got them, but they can be downloaded from the web site.

  • Sir,

     Already I have the Mx-tools but for version 8i I couldn't find australian version only one version avilable on the site and without Mass haul, please advice.



    Ahmed Hazem

  • Its in the AU section of the MX Bonus Tools. The Mass Haul icon is found in the infraTOOLS toolbar. A quick and simple way to produce Mass Haul Diagrams in MX. I've found it very useful.

    cheers Mark

  • HI,

     Where can I find the AU section, MX Bonus Tools and infraTOOLS toolbar. should I download somthing or it is on MX-tools.


    Ahmed Hazem

  • They are all part of the Bentley MX Tools download which is what MX Bonus Tools used to be called and is available from Enhancements and updates for Bentley MX.

     The latest version of Bentley MX Tools currently available is Bentley MX Tools V8i - These will also work with Bentley MX V8i SS1.

    If you do not see infraTools in Add-Ins>Personal Addins menu then I would suggest uninstalling MX Tools and then reinstalling, making sure you choose to install the AU Tools which is what the infraTools are.


     Best regards,


    Jim Irvine TSG Civil

  • Try the "HAUL" icon in InfraTOOLS.



  • Dear Simon,

    Can I too have a copy from thoses input files.