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InRoads ITL & IRD Files - XM and V8i

  • IR XM & IR V8i SS1
    One of our users has very large template and corridor libraries. The ITL is 50 meg and the IRD is about 48 meg. In InRoads and MicroStation XM, we get out of memory errors when these are opened and applied.

    In InRoads and MicroStation V8i SS1, I can run them lickety-split. No problems. We realized that there were a lot of unnecessary display rules in the template library, and it was a lot easier for me to identify them and delete them in V8i (even though I had to view each component in the Active Template tab).

    In V8i, when I apply the skinnier template library (without the display rules) to the IRD, that file size is reduced substantially. But when I apply the slimmer template to the IRD file in XM, it doesn't change the file size. I even tried to create a new blank IRD file and import the updated template drops, but it still does not reduce the size of the IRD.

    Has anyone noticed differences with their template and roadway design libraries between InRoads XM and V8i SS1? Does anyone have an explanation about why the V8i IRD file compresses, but the XM one does not? It kind of appears that these libraries compress as soon as they are processed in V8i.  Since there is no file format difference, I'm assuming that these files can be used interchangeably between XM and V8i, right?

    Thanks in advance...

  • Hi Kate, We did do some optimization stuff in V8i to remove orphaned data, but I'm not sure why the difference in the ird files. You should be able to use the ird file saved from V8i in XM. Could you zip up the two ird files (XM and V8i) and post them to the bentley ftp site? I would like to take look to see what the difference is. Denis

  • Denis - I placed a file in the folder.  thanks for taking a look at this!
  • Ok, thanks.  It will probably be a little while before I get a chance to look into this

  • Hi, we have the same problem in our company. Did You resolve that?

    thanks, krzysztof

  • Yes we did.  If you open the file in V8i, and save it back out, it will remove the orphaned data.