The InRoads products have evolved from products developed by Intergraph in the 1980s. The first Intergraph civil product was called the Engineering Site Package (ESP) and ran on a DEC VAX from graphic terminals. ESP combined coordinate geometry with terrain modeling and profile/cross section extraction in a single product.

Following this, a Transportation Design System Steering Committee was formed in December, 1986 to set the direction for a road design product. The original members were:

  • Robert Ronayne - New York State Department of Transportation
  • Steve Alters - Tudor Engineering
  • David Diestelkamp - Sverdrup Corporation
  • Gabe Norona - Bieswenger, Hoch and Associates, Inc.
  • William Hutchinson - Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • Guy Nesin - Intergraph Corporation

This design system was called "TDP", which stood for Transportation Design Package was released.

The product was renamed InRoads when it became available on the InterPro 32 running the CLIX operating system (variant of UNIX). What follows is a brief history of the product:

InRoads V3.5 - April 1990

Clix platform support, MicroStation V3.5 support.

InRoads V4.0 - April 1991

Clix platform support, MicroStation V4 support.

InRoads V5.0 - December 1993

First product on MS-DOS and Windows NT; also Clix support; beginning of merge of InRoads on Clix with RoadWorks on MS-DOS.

InRoads for AutoCAD V1.0 - January 1996

First InRoads that ran on AutoCAD. Implementation of Windows dialog interface.

InRoads V7.0 - December 1996

MicroStation 95 support.

InRoads V7.1 - October 1997

MicroStation/J support.

Civil SelectCAD V7.2 - April 1999

MicroStation SE, AutoCAD, and IntelliCAD support.

Civil SelectCAD V8.0 - September 1999

Feature based DTMs, smart graphics and intelligent modeling, feature editing, Preference and Symbology Managers, Pencil/Pen, Style Lock, Create Right of Way, Horizontal and Vertical Element design, customizable toolbars, Plan and Profile Generator, translators, Run Macro.

InRoads V8 logo

Civil SelectCAD V8.1 - June 2000

Project Defaults.

Bentley SELECT Starts

Civil SelectCAD V8.2 - April 2001

Rail SelectCAD, ProjectWise V3.1 support; single and multiple element regression analysis, profile and cross section annotation, turnouts. Also LandXML Translation and XML Reports in Service Pack 5.

InRoads Suite of Products V8.3 - January 2002

MicroStation V8.0 support, Remove User Data.

InRoads Suite of Products V8.4 - February 2003

Release synchronization with MicroStation v8.1, support of ProjectWise v8.1, Light Rail Manufacturing, Drafting tools, InRoads Engineering Configuration (aka MicroStation Civil Extension), Visualization, Tunnel Surface, banding in profiles, nested attachments in the Plan & Profile Generator, enhanced Application Add-In dialog, Bentley PowerSurvey in Service Pack 1 .

InRoads Group V8 2004 Edition (V8.5) - May 2004

Release synchronization with MicroStation V8 2004 Edition, InRoads Suite, InRail Suite, ProjectWise Organizer, Text Import Wizard. Pond Routing, revamped survey, Digital InterPlot integration, MicroStation GeoGraphics projection system. Also, Quantities, revamped survey adjustments, and InRoads Site Suite in Service Pack 1.

InRoads Group V8 2004 Edition (V8.7) - June 2005

Combined preference files into a single XIN file in XML format, Roadway Designer replaces Roadway Modeler, Create Template replaces Define Typical Sections, Text Style support, Survey Data to Drainage, Windows compliant dialogs, Variable Manager, Named Symbology tools, Close All. Also, Resolve Crossing Segments in Service Pack 1.

InRoads Group V8 2004 Edition (V8.8) - June 2006

Import Surface Advanced, Copy Preferences, style sheet help, Resurface, Switch & Crossings, Roadway Visibility.

InRoads Group V8 XM Edition (V8.9) - January 2007

MicroStation V8 XM Edition support.

InRoads XM logo

InRoads Group V8 XM Edition (V8.9.1) - July 2007

Windows Vista support, ProjectWise VersionSwitch recognition, ProjectWise folders in Project Default Directory Paths, View Drainage As Solids, As Built Volumes, Surface Visibility, Assign Pay Items, Review/Edit Pay Items.

InRoads Group V8i (V8.11.5) - November 2008

Civil AccuDraw, Civil GPS, Delete Triangles by Filter, Chain Points, Network Rail Extensions, Cross Section Sheet Generator, Draw Slope Direction Pattern, Vertical Alignment Healing, Cogo Audit Trail.

InRoads Group V8i SELECTseries 1 (V8.11.7) - March 2010

InRoads functionality within the MicroStation interface, Civil Geometry, Data Acquisition, Bentley Map, Show\Hide Explorer, Open GEOPAK Surfaces (*.tin), Change Triangle Edge, Overlay Tools, Approximate Component Quantities, Site Modeler.

InRoads Group V8i SELECTseries 2 (V8.11.7) - August 2010

Point Cloud integration with MicroStation and Data Acquisition imports point cloud data into a DTM. PW Title Block is integrated with Plan and Profile Generator. Pay Item name attributes added to features and components displayed in MicroStation.


All of the above assumes the following:

  • This is by no means comprehensive -- for purely historical purposes, the dates are close enough.
  • These dates are for English releases only (localized languages became available afterwards, but not all versions were localized.)
  • VX.Y numbers enclosed in parentheses are engineering build numbers and not part of the product marketing name.