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Prostructures (Select series 5) and Navisworks 2012/13 not compatible?

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Prostructures (Select series 5) and Navisworks 2012/13 not compatible?

  • Before installing Select series 5, Navisworks (2012 and 2013) read Prostructures objects without problem. Now I can't view those items at all.

    What things should I be trying to get this working again?

  • Nothing?

  • Navisworks caches the dwg file to a nwc file and then uses only the nwc file. You must remove the nwc file.

    Then Navisworks uses the prostructures.dbx to open the dwg and to cache it.

    I have Navisworks 13 but I forced it to use the 18.2 dbx Loader. Dwg Loader Version is set to 2012.

    Can be set with Global options.

    Reason is:

    AutoCAD 2013 needs a Service Pack 1.1 to load ProStructures Dwgs.

    Same for the RealDwg 2013 as I can see with Bentley MicroStation SS3.

    I guess a Service Pack 1.1 for NavisWorks 2013 will be offered by Autodesk later.

    The AutoCAD object dbx entry for Pro_Stahl_App points to the Navisworks folder.

    I have the AutoCAD objectenabler (objectdbx) key and the Navisworks objectdbx key set up.

    Please look at my screenshots and try to reproduce.


  • Thankyou for the reply. I am having trouble seeing the screenshots (they are too small), but I will try to work through it as best I can. We are running AutoCAD 2012, I am not sure if that will make a difference.

  • Johannes,

    I know this is quite old, but can you send the original pictures to me at jvandyke<at>

    I am trying everything possible to get the steel to render in NavisWorks 2014 and any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,