ProConcrete enhancements:


"New" Interface:

  • From "XML Style" --> ProStructures



    All dialogs have changed, including the ProStructures Properties dialog:

Concrete Modeling:

  • New Stair command

  • New Command: Solid Reference

    The new ProConcrete Solid Reference command is very similar to the ProSteel Create Partlist Part command.
    There are a few differences.
    • It works only with solid / ACIS objects
    • It will insert a "sphere" that contains the ProConcrete information
    • This "container" is linked to the ACIS object
    • The Solid Reference command is reading the volume information of the ACIS object during creation
    • This object can be detailed
    • The solid Reference command is working with objects created i.e. with Inventor Fusion 2012 objects as well
    It is possible though to create any kind of 3D concrete object - there are no limitations.
    In addition it is possible to import 3D objects from pretty much any 3D AEC application (as long as they support ACIS export).


Rebar Modeling:

  • Improved Rebar beam command
  • New pad footing rebar command

  • New irregular dispatch command

    • Select the concrete object where the rebar should be assigned to
    • Define endconditions, spacings and offsets
    • Select polylines for the dispatch / distribution
    • select the method of distribution:
      • Vertex (from edge to edge of the polyline)
      • Spacing (define the distance of the rebar over the whole polyline)
      • Combined (define a distance for each part of the polyline)
  • New rebar splice command

    • Choose the lapping method
      • Use Single Fixed Lenth
      • Use Bar Diameter with format of #D
        (Enter # of bar diameters for lap length ... i.e. 20D or 40D)
      • UseLap Table
    • Select if you want to "Center Lap on Line" Option.
      If left unchecked, the lap will start on the line and will be placed on the same side of the line where you select the rebar on.
    • Manually Enter a Lap Length and / or Lap Offset
      The length will be calculated from the point you selected.
    • Select rebar to modify
      • Single rebar
      • All rebar in same direction
      • all rebar in set 
    • Select Lap Line
      • Lap rebar between 2 chosen points
      • Lap rebar along an existing line / polyline
  • Trim, extend rebar

    By holding the ALT or CTRL key during the selection, the whole rebar set can be selected instead of only one rebar.

    You can extend / trim a rebar by lines and circles
  • New rebar move command

    Instead of moving the whole rebar or rebar set (by using the ALT or CTRL key during selection), it is possible now to move only a segment of the rebar. Just select the direction and type in a value, or press ENTER to move the segment by the diameter of the rebar. All related segments of the rebar will be adjusted automatically, the angle will stay the same.



  • Enhanced positioning command

    The positioning command will perform the following tasks:
    • assign a position number to concrete objects
    • compare if objects are the same. If they are they can get the same position / mark number
      assign bar marks
    • select if straight rebar should get a bar mark or not
    • define the bar mark numbering system
    • select the definition or standard to define how the bar marks should be assigned (assignment of shape types)
  • During the positioning process ProConcrete will show the result to review the result.
    The first dialog will show the concrete objects, the second the cages and the last one the single rebar.

    In the shapes column the assigned shape type will be displayed, according the the shape definition selected before:

    If selected that a straight rebar should not get a bar mark the shape type will be empty

    Any number of name
    According to the shape definition a shape type has been assigned automatically.
    I you would like to change the type just double click the rebar, select the right button on the bottom and chose any other possible shape type by using the arrows at the bottom of the dialog.

    ProConcrete couldn't assign a shape type to a rebar.
    There are 2 options:
    - Leave the rebar "unmanaged" and no shape will be assigned
    - Create a new rebar shape.
    Just double click the rebar in the list, select the right button on the bottom and follow the dialog.
    The new rebar shape will be added to the shape definition and will be available in the future for any other project as well.
    In the bending bar schedule the related pictures will be created as well.

  • Creating of bending bar scheudules

  • Support of "non standard" rebar



  • New Detail Center support

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    • 2
      • 3
        • 4
          • 5
    • 6