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Please advise whether plate load can be considerd along with other gravity loads  for creation of EUDL and assigned to GLD.parameter

2. Self weight consists of the total weight of structure. My view is that only a portion of selfweight meaning thereby that excluding the weight of vertical members i.e. columns should be assigned to GLD parameter under IS13920 because the selfweight of columns has nothing to contribute to the EUDL.

I would like to be enlightened by the Senior members whether my perception is in order or it requires to be further fine tuned.


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  • Hi,

    Unfortunately direct plate loads will not be considered for EUDL calculation if they are the part of the load case which has been used in  GLD parameter. GLD load case can be any static load case containing MEMBER LOAD on the beam which includes UNI, CON, LIN and TRAP member loading. CMOM member loading is considered only when it is specified in local direction. FLOOR LOAD is also considered.

  • 2nd part of the question is not answered. Please.

  • In reply to sureshprsharma:


    If the Load case used in the GLD parameter contains selfweight- SELFWEIGHT Y -1 command. While calculating Equivalent UDL on the beams(flexural members), only the selfweight of the beam is considered only not the column.

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