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Hi, I'm giving the input as in my text book in the Indian models of Staad.etc - but i'm getting error only. what may be the reasons? this is happens for almost all options like - columns, staircase, slab design & etc .... too. what i have to do - to get the result?

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  • STAAD.Etc requires a seperate license to run the program.

    Also, STAAD.etc has been phased out with effect from July 2007.

    After STAAD and RAM both came under the Bentley umbrella, Bentley now has a set of programs which have a lot in common. One of the goals of the software development group is to eliminate this overlap, so that our R&D resources can be utilized more effectively in creating better software. One program which has been selected for phase out as a result of this effort is STAAD.etc.

    If you want to speak to a Bentley representative about the program which has replaced STAAD.etc, please let us know and one of my colleagues will get in touch with you.


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