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  • Dear all.

    I wants to know that ..after analysis and design of RCC structure in STAAD PRO V8i.... is it posible to  show area of reinforcement on each end and mid of beam members and at columns also , in graphical user interface (graphical Enviroment).....

    Plz reply

  • You may have to use the RC deigner to achieve this.  if you wish i can send you a draft copy of a tutorial made on this feature in pdf format.

  • thanks a lot ....NIHESH, if possinle plz. send me the draft copy of tutorial on this in pdf format....

    once again thanks........

  • RCDesignerTutorial_Draft1.zip
    please find it attached

  • thanks a lott.. NIHESH.N.....is there any  manual on "RC Designer" and "Steel Designer" in pdf  format..or it is there in "staad technical reference".. if its there plz.. send me a copy of it....


  • STEEL Designer Manual.PDF

    You may download the updated pdf manual for technical reference from the following link





  • thanks a lott.....sir , for sending me Manual for "steel designer" and link dor "technical reference manual"......... plz.. send me the "RC designer " manual  also...

    thnaks ..

    hav a nice day...

  • Dear All,

    I from Bangladesh at Dhaka , i want to learn STAAD.Pro V8i , but i did'nt  find any institute from where i can learn it. It will be helpful for me if any one upload step by step RCC building design with image including all type of loads and possible problems solution.

    i hope i'll get response soon.....

    Thank you all

  • Dear Nitesh, thanks a lot for posting the RC designer tutorial and steel design manual. I really needed this. I am Executive Engineer, P.W.D. from Dehradun. Thnaks again.