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how to model stair on staad pro?


im am a new user of staad pro, im using staad pro v8i,

should anyone can help me how to model in a staad without any payment.

can i use plate as a model as the same as slab?

thank you very much.


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  • Plate can be of course used to model the waist and landing slab of stair but in order to transfer the load of the waist slab to the supporting beam the plate would have to be connected to the supporting beams. I would prefer  to manually calculate the load of the stair and apply the same on the supporting beam and column. The third option could be create beams around the waist slab of stairs and group them as floor and then apply floor load.

  • In reply to sureshprsharma:

    thank you so much sir, i would prefer on the third option.

    may ask also sir i model the ramp in staad, when i process the structure diagram to show the moment in global x or z, it seems that only in xz plane were shown. only the options in local moment can show the the structure diagram