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  • Like many things, that will be very dependent on a number of factors, like where you are located globally, etc. Probably your best bet (by far) would be to connect with our Sales team.

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  • Do you really mean STAAD.Pro 2004 or STAAD.Pro 2007 Build 04?  Please note that STAAD.Pro 2004 is an old, unsupported version of STAAD.Pro.


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  • Hi carlos I have a client with Staad pro 2005 built 1001 , in this version the error in the computation of allowable bending stress in a tapered member per AISD ASD 9th Edition was fixed using the Tepered Parameter, but he have a problem whith the LRFD and whant to Know if there is another error there because they dont find a parameter like the tapered in the ASD to correct the same problem.

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