RAM Advanse V8i (version 9.6.x) Release Notes

Full Compatibility with RAM Connection V8i and RAM Structural System V8i:
Users are able to use the latest versions of the aforementioned products with this new version of RAM Advanse.

BS 5950 Appendix G:
This code check for members with one flange laterally restrained was not being reported previously.

Interaction Diagrams Enhancements:
The 3D graphics for the interaction diagram component has been enhanced.

AISI/COS/NASPEC 2001 Checks for Flats:
The North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members for flats (rectangular flat bars) has been implemented.

RSS Import Update:
RAM Advanse can now correctly import sloping columns (released in RAM Structural System V8i) and walls with a sloping top.

Faster Member Design:
The design of wood members has been greatly improved in speed.

Masonry Block Database:
The masonry block dimensions have been fine-tuned using NCMA TEK 2-1A.

Minor Bug Fixes