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This is where inquiries and information exchange regarding Bentley products and product technology can be made.

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Bentley Product Documentation Information

Our online product documentation system is under construction – please pardon the dust.

In the future, online product documentation will be available through the relevant product areas on Be Communities, and downloadable documentation will be available through the Fullfillment Center.

We anticipate that our new system will be in place later in 2014. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make this change.

In the meantime, Be Communities is a site that the world's infrastructure professionals can come together to communicate, collaborate, and learn from one another. You can find information about and get answers to questions about Bentley products, programs, and services. You can also share ideas with industry peers and connect with others in your own organization as well as those working on the same projects you are. It is easy to start -- simply use the site's search function or click here to get more information.

  • What is and where can I find the Fulfillment Centre?

  • Fulfillment Center is our current software delivery mechanism -- see;PackageTypeId=157 for documentation deliverables.

  • Phil- A) where is the online documentation now (I do not see it in Fulfillment) and B) won't moving it there render web searches completely useless?

  • There are two things we are working towards... one is making current release product documentation available online, complete with searchability, the ability to "publish" PDF documents of sections, a feedback loop, etc. The second part is making the previous release available via downloadable deliverable. Both of these things are being worked on in parallel (since we have the latter, it is a matter of sorting out which of those things will be put on Fulfillment Center). Hope this clarifies things a bit...

  • Phil:  in the interim, is there a suggested alternative (other than downloading product) to look at only the documentation if the Product Forums and Wikis don't provide the needed info?  it was very convenient to just download the Help file to look for items rather than the whole product.

    If downloading the full program is it, that's fine...just looking for options.