For all the architects, engineers, constructors, and owner operators out there; we know you do inspiring work that improves the world.  So what's your reward?  If you share your story through the Be Inspired Awards competition you could win a trip to Amsterdam!  Once in Amsterdam not only will you get to enjoy the beautiful architecture, canals, and wonderful museums; you'll also get to inspire the global media/press, industry peers, and the Be Inspired Award judges at the Be Inspired Event where you could be selected as having the most inspiring story!  If you're chosen you'll gain global recognition which could help your organization win more business!


It's easy as 1-2-3:

1. Get approval to submit your orgnaization's work

2. Submit your story via the online entry system:

3. Supply imagery and animations to support your story

That's it!  Once you've done that you could be booking a ticket to Amsterdam and you'll never know until you try.  No organization or project is too large or too small to enter.


And just for entering you could be featured in a video like this:

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