Batch file to configure license settings using LicenseToolCmd

Although Microsoft's Group Policy is the best method for deploying SELECTserver license settings to computers, LicenseToolCmd, a command-line licensing utility distributed with Bentley products, can also be used to automate license configuration. The following batch file provides a template that uses the copy of LicenseToolCmd included with MicroStation V8i.

Important: The batch file must be modified before using it since it includes placeholder information for the license settings. To modify it, please perform the following steps:

  1. Save the attached file and change its extension from TXT to BAT.
  2. Edit the file with a text editor such as Notepad.
  3. Modify the _SiteKey variable on line 33. Enter your site activation key here.
  4. If not using SELECTserver OnLine, modify the _ServerName variable on line 32 as well.
  5. If using proxy settings, modify the _ProxyServer, _ProxyUser, and _ProxyPassword variables on lines 38-40 as needed. Otherwise, leave them blank.
  6. If using a copy of LicenseToolCmd from a product other than MicroStation V8i, change lines 15 and 19.
  7. For record-keeping purposes, the batch file also writes the result to a log file. By default, this log is kept in a temporary directory on the local machine, but for maximum usefulness, specify a shared location for the _LogFile variable on line 7. That way, a record of every machine that runs this batch file is maintained.

Ask users to run the batch file as a normal user. A black window will appear for a few moments. If an error occurs, the window will remain open and display a message until it is dismissed. Otherwise, it will close once finished.

If a computer is utilized by multiple users, run the batch file as an administrator instead to configure the license settings for any users that access the computer. The settings will be applied as a template for user profiles that do not have any settings yet.