Batch file to clear license settings for all user profiles

License settings can be applied to the All Users profile and used as a template on all user profiles that do not have any. However, any license settings stored in the user profile will always take precedence. So if they differ from the ones in the All Users profile, the license settings must either be updated in the user profile or cleared altogether. This batch file provides a solution for administrators who seek to clear license settings from all user profiles on a machine. To use it, please perform the following steps:

  1. Download the attached file, and change its extension from TXT to BAT.
  2. Transfer it to a client machine.
  3. Execute the batch file as an administrator. To see the status messages generated by the batch file, execute it from an Administrator Command Prompt instead.

Important: If executing the batch file remotely, please note that it cannot modify a user profile for another user who is currently logged in. Therefore, it is recommended to execute the batch file at a time when no other users are logged in. The output from the batch file will indicate any user profiles that failed to load.