Batch file to expire a license

Bentley products will run for at least seven days in a trial or offline mode. During this time, the product can be utilized and usage can be generated. If the product fails to activate before the trial or offline mode ends, the product will enter an expired or disabled status. In this status, the product will not open or will open in a demo mode.

This batch file provides a way for administrators to immediately expire a product license. To use it, save the attached file, and change its extension from TXT to BAT.  Then run it on a workstation as the user.

The batch file requires a four-digit product ID corresponding to a Bentley product. Since these IDs are not commonly known, it will list the product names displayed in the Activation Status tab of the License Management Tool along with their corresponding IDs for reference. Enter either one of these IDs or another known one to expire the product license. A product need not be listed in the Activation Status tab yet to be expired by this tool.

For automation purposes, the batch file can be run from a Command Prompt with a product ID as an argument. For example, to expire SACS Offshore Structure Enterprise, execute the batch file like so:

ExpireLicense.bat 2011

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