Batch file to restart licensing components

This batch file quits and restarts both the Bentley Licensing Service and CONNECTION Client, a procedure that can be useful during troubleshooting since it reloads the licensing components used by Bentley products utilizing the Subscription Entitlement Service. To use it, please perform the following steps:

  1. Save the file to the affected computer by clicking the blue Download button in the upper right. If a blue Sign In button appears instead, click it and sign in. When returned to this page, the blue Download button should now be visible.
  2. Change the extension of the file from TXT to BAT.
  3. Run it as a normal user.
  4. If Windows Defender displays a warning message, click the More Info link, and click the Run Anyway button.
  5. A black window will appear while the batch file waits for the licensing components to close. If the window hangs for more than 15 seconds, open Task Manager, click on the Details tab, and end the task named Bentley.Licensing.Service.exe.
  6. The black window will close once components have been closed and restarted.