CONNECT Edition is available

We are pleased to announce availability of the initial offerings of the CONNECT Edition - a Common Environment for Comprehensive Project Delivery. By leveraging a Common Environment you can productively integrate Modeling and documentation workflows across disciplines for projects of any size and complexity. You can easily access, share, and manage all your Data throughout the project and asset lifecycle. You can make better decisions with immediate feedback and clear insight made possible through complete visibility into design and project Performance.

The initial CONNECT Edition releases include MicroStation, Navigator, and ProjectWise.

Learn more at:

  • These are good questions, I would encourage you to seek answers in the MicroStation community with the subject matter experts who can help answer your technical questions.

  • As of today I understand that CONNECT Edition currently supports only two ways for sharing your projects or data:

    a) have ProjectWise on premises, upgrade it to CONNECT Edition (add CONNECT capabilities), install Gateway, and after proper configuration, users will be able to set any project on PW as Shared with Bentley CONNECT - then you will see the content (after it's synchronized) on Project Portal. Right?

    b) install MicroStation CONNECT Edition, choose Workset associated with CONNECT Project (no clue though, how to have such workset) and, after opening any file, publish i-model (choose Publish to My Shared Files) - then you will see published content on Personal Portal. Right?

    So, for users, that are not with ProjectWise, the only way to share something - it by publishing the content from MicroStation CONNECT Edition. Right? Too heavy publishing client, isn't it?

    I mean - there were ideas, plans, to enable Bentley CONNECT accessing any (almost) file system (not speaking about integration with e.g. ERP systems, databases). Is this still to come?

    I think the most desire feature for Bentley CONNECT would be the ability to upload from within web browser chosen imodels and documents (currently only PDFs?) from a folder on PC (or, if sync with a folder would work, like e.g. with Google Drive, Dropbox, Fickr and such services, that would be ideal).