The Power of OpenRoads Technology

Discover how Bentley’s latest SUE application extends the power of OpenRoads technology by including a robust toolset for building intelligent 3D feature-based models of the buried construction zone. 

The newest technology, Subsurface Design and Analysis Application (SUDA), includes advanced 2D/3D modeling capabilities, integrating the best of OpenRoads with Bentley’s industry leading hydraulics and hydrology design tools. Reduce the risk of building in a utility congestion underground environment with Bentley’s Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE).

Attend OpenRoads Application Seminar to :

  1. Analyze underground utilities for better constructability
  2. Create 3D models with disparate data sets
  3. Use existing geospatial data to build a model of subsurface utilities 
  4. Learn how 3D models ensure better coordination during design and construction
  5. Readily identify conflicts during the design phase to help reduce risk during construction, lower construction costs, and enhance asset performance

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