Now that I’ve fully transitioned to Windows7, it’s become time for me to retire a somewhat old friend, Snagit.


I’ve owned a copy of Snagit, for a few years now, and have found it quite a valuable tool. The ability to grab a screen clip and add graphics and text is quite handy in our line of work here, so I’ve become dependent on its functionality.


Adding Shapes, Text, Leader Lines and the like, is a great way to point out the tools and features of our applications. After swopping out computers numerous times now, I’ve become a bit tired of reinstalling my personally licensed software for use here in the office, and since Snagit was my mainstay I hadn’t been paying attention to some of the upgrades to Windows functionality. I was never a fan of the Windows Paint app, so I haven’t opened it in years.

Recently I started using the Windows Snipping Tool, introduced with Vista, on a machine I hadn’t bothered to load my Snagit on.

It’s pretty stripped down, but is super quick to use on the fly. There are some basic Draw tools, but these can really look rough if you are simply using a mouse to navigate your cursor.


And then the other day I noticed a coworker using the new Paint delivered with Windows 7. I was surprised that it looked like Snagit Lite.


Now when I need a graphic to informational graphics, I simply use the Snipping Tool, Copy to Clipboard, paste into Paint, and viola, Snagit results, free… :D