Disappointed with Software Downloads

Apparently today the old Software Downloads page was officially retired. This is a sad event because it forces users to use the new Software Downloads page. You no longer have the ability to browse the entire line of available software in a simple list. I used to be able to filter All by Last Month and English to easily see a simple list of everything all at once and decide if there was anything new to download. Now I will have to check each product or category individually. No way to sort or filter by date. The New + Updated  section can only list 15 items, so what happens if there are more than 15 newly updated items? 

Here is a simple example of poor functionality of the downloads page. I selected LumenRT from the Brand list. This brought up two items Bentley LumenRT and Bentley LumenRT Content.

  • If you choose Bentley LumenRT it displays the download for the latest version of LumenRT and suggests Bentley View and MicroStation PowerDraft as "Related Software". Neither of those are closely related to LumenRT since they are not 3D creation software. The Bentley LumenRT Content would seem to be a more appropriate choice for "Related Software".

  • If you choose Bentley LumenRT Content it defaults to only showing one item even though there are actually two installers with the same date and version number that are required to install all of the available content. The only way to see the other installer is to click on Apply. If the user is not aware of this they will probably only download half of the available content. Both installers should be listed on the same page without needing to Apply the filter.

Please rethink the Downloads page and also reinstate the previously useful functionality.