Any way to "link" Bentley accounts?

I have a Bentley account that I have used for over a decade. I consider it my "personal" account, because I am who I am, regardless of whom I work for.

As time and technology moves on, I have had to create "work" accounts, based on my employer (Looking at you, Connection Client).

I don't exactly want to merge these, because my employment account exists for a specific reason, and my personal account exists to maintain my independent existence.

I would like a way to link them, so that any activity I do under an employment account doesn't just "disappear" when/if I move along. For example, I have training that I undertook individually registered to my personal account, and I also have training that I have completed for my employer registered to that account - except I am the same human being who took the training, and I would like some way for my account/transcript to reflect that reality. Or I would like a way for my employer to "link" to my personal account, without that account becoming locked to that place of employment.

Can this be done, or does anyone have any ideas for an alternative?
Thank you.