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Insert Image has changed

For years we've been able to insert an image into a post on Be Communities.  I do this often to post screenshots from MicroStation CONNECT on-line Help, from my own website and elsewhere.

Recently (spring 2020) the image insert process leads results in an icon, not my picture.  Here's an example from MicroStation help...

It's the Reports dialog screenshot.  If you click the icon you can pop the image, but that's not how it used to behave, nor how it should behave.

When an image is inserted into a post, it used to be by using an HTML img element. It's recently changed to use a [ View: ... :0:0] element whose syntax is specific to this web site (i.e. not standard HTML).  Why?

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  • FWIW:
    I actually prefer the File Upload method because the image will remain in the post even if the original source image is no longer available. If the image is linked from remote site, the link/image could get changed/deleted on the remote site and the post would lose the intended image.


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