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Stars on some members accounts?

What are the stars I see on some members profiles, or in their signatures?

  • Hi Mary, this is a change we made recently to better expose member reputation. Historically, Bentley Communities has always tracked "points" (gained from certain activity such as getting a verified answer), and had "Ranks" for each range of points (welcome, bronze, silver, gold and platinum).

    In the past, those ranks were more visible but in recent years that has not been the case. So, we have added a "badge" (which you see as the stars below forum replies) based on the member rank, so that you can see it visible below a forum reply. The badges are added upon any point accumulation, which is why they do not show for everyone (not until the member has made another post, or otherwise accumulated some points on the site).

    This old post still has some valid information on points such as the ranges corresponding to each rank.

    We are looking into adding a tooltip or ability to click a rank (in the forum reply) to see more information about what it means (the point range).


    Jesse Dringoli
    Technical Support Manager, OpenFlows
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  • This is very good idea for better expose member reputationSunglasses