Bentley Docs - Archived version Help?

I'm not certain where this would go for sure, but "Everything Else" seems like a good place to start.

I see, in very tiny green text, right at the very top, so small it is almost unreadable:

take NOTE that if you have been redirected to this page after clicking the HELP button from your Bentley product, it means the publication version you are looking for has been archived. You may search for latest version of your product in our documentation portal below!

If I am clicking the Help button from MY Bentley product, I want to find the Help for MY Bentley product.
At the very least, I would like to be directed to a link where I could locate the Help for MY Bentley product.

With every version there are new features, new bug fixes, new information. If I am working with a specific version of the software, information for the "latest version" may not be helpful to me. Even worse, I could be working on a Power Platform product (version required by client) that was not written to the "latest version" of MicroStation, yet I still need to see the MicroStation Help.

Instead of archiving all of the previous version Help files offline where nobody can ever see them again, I think it would make more sense from a user's perspective to have a separate page of "outdated" Help files. I understand that, with the format that was chosen for that you don't want any list to be even longer than they already are (poor design), but people are using older versions, and deserve to be able to access the older Help.

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