Want to learn VBA for Microstation, Online Coarse or book, or VB scripting.

I want to learn to make program using VBA for Microstation. I would prefer to learn VBA not MDL since I would use that language or Excel or any other windows programs. I found a college coarse for Introductory to VBA. Which is not geared to any one windows program like Microstation. I assume this is not the best coarse to teach me how to program for Microstation. Any advise what kind of coarse I should be looking for, maybe VB scripting?  I am not quite clear what is the difference between VBA vs VB scripting.  Maybe some kind of training book instead?

 I want to automate some routine task we do in Microstation. I have learned to program from a book before, with AutoLisp (autocad), which I greatly enjoyed. So I have some experience in programming. I am hoping to ideally spend 40hours learning VBA through a coarse or book, not sure if that is realistic. Any advise of what kind of coarse or book. If VBA scrip is the way for me, where can I find a coarse or which tutorial book would you recommend. Thanks.