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Dual Monitor and Windows 7: What's different to WinXP?

Hi there,

most discussion and tips around dual monitor settings for MicroStation here relate to WinXP. For example tips like

1. Use Extended Desktop instead DualView to avoid Performance Penalty on second Monitor and to avoid glitches

2. Use one Application Window to avoid glitches

3. Dont maximize a View to avoid glitches.

(I've seen such a list recently, but cant find it again, so details might be inaccurate)

Now, Win7 ist different, hopefully better. Hint no 1. from the list above doesn't even work anymore, cause Win7 only provides the Dual View strategy. So I wanna ask about Win7 observations and issues with MicroStation, and if there are hints to work around issues:

  • Are there any issues in MicroStation related to Dual Monitor in Win7 at all? Tool Settings Window Dissappearing ... ToolTips on wrong monitor ... V8i in Background still leaves some dialogs over foreground applicatuons and such stuff ... MicroStation vs. Aero Effects ...
  • MicroStation 2 App-Windows versus 1 App-Window?
  • Win7 alone only provides DualView (2 separate monitor control). Are there Graphics Drivers from ATI/Nvidia that add functionality for Dual monitors which are helpful (or some that are unhelpful?). Like the nView tools in Nvidia or HydraVision in AMD/ATI? How do they behave nowadays?

Whatever came up, please throw into discussion here. THX!