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How are we notified of changes by Bentley?

I have just found out that there have been changes to Passports. See this thread -

Why don't Bentley tell us about these sort of things properly as this is the first I heard of this? As SELECT payers I would have thought that we should have been informed on this type of thing. What is the use of having an account manager who doesn't let us know what is changing. What else has changed I wonder and more to the point how do I find out? This is not the first time that we have found out about changes after the event!

There has to be a (better) way of notifying all users of changes to the way Bentley are running things.


  • Can anyone at Bentley help me with this?

  • Well nearly a week on from my original question and no one from Bentley has the decency for a response. Why am I not surprised about this!

    What is the process of Bentley letting users know about changes, new products, etc..

    In have to say great product but terrible marketing.

  • Nearly another 3 weeks on and still no response from Bentley. I'm guessing that they are all really busy sorting out the new look forums or even SS4.

    What is the process of Bentley letting users know about changes, new products, etc.?

    Come on don't be shy somebody must have an answer to this because at the moment it's certainly not working.

  • Still no response! No surprise there!

    Anyway I was following a link posted on another thread at and noticed at the bottom "Want to receive the most relevant communications from Bentley? Update your personal profile to specify what topics you’re interested in."

    What's interesting about this is that I HAVE updated my profile but still seem to be missing all the mail that should tell me what is happening at Bentley. Why is this?

  • You can always call the Support line... that number is different in different parts of the world (but I assume you know that)

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