• BEST – BEntley STudents Community

    BEST – BEntley STudents Community

    A one-stop place for facilitating interactions among students and sharing updates about competitions.
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  • Bentley 中国优先社区

    Bentley 中国优先社区

    Bentley 中国优先社区是一个以产品技术相关资源为核心内容的信息发布和用户互动网上社区。它面向所有Bentley 的中国用户,由Bentley中国研发团队负责运营。
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  • Shared Services
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  • Premier Scholar Alumni

    Premier Scholar Alumni

    A private community for individuals who have earned their Premier Scholar Accreditation. Contact your E365 Success Manager for more information on becoming a member.
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  • Bentley Developer Network

    Bentley Developer Network

    This is where you can find and contribute to discussions, ideas, and other information about the Bentley Developer Network.
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  • Licensing, Cloud and Web Services

    Licensing, Cloud and Web Services

    Ask / View answers to questions or contribute to discussions about Licensing, CONNECTION Client, CONNECT Center, signing in, and Bentley Web Services.
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  • 中国BDN社区


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  • Bentley Analytical Cloud Services

    Bentley Analytical Cloud Services

    Analytical Modeling Cloud Services: User community for Scenario Services and Structural Insights
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  • Bentley Support
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  • Bentley Applied Research

    Bentley Applied Research

    Welcome to the Bentley Applied Research Group Community. This community is focused on the activities and project of Bentley's Applied Research Group.
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  • User Success Onboarding and Adoption

    User Success Onboarding and Adoption

    This community provides you all the information, content and collateral you may need to help you learn how to use a new product, get up to date with the latest features and best practice and adopt the latest Bentley technologies.
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  • Bentley User Success Partner Program

    Bentley User Success Partner Program

    This community includes all information about the User Success Partner Program
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  • OS/OW Permitting and Routing (P&R)

    OS/OW Permitting and Routing (P&R)

    This is where you can find and contribute to discussions, ideas, and other information about OS/OW Permitting and Routing (P&R).
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  • Bentley Educators Community

    Bentley Educators Community

    This community will be a one-stop place for the program for to Facilitate interactions among faculty members of academic institutions, Updates about competitions & Updates about the research in the infrastructure world.
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  • Communauté OpenRoads /GeoMacao/MXRoad/PowerCivil

    Communauté OpenRoads /GeoMacao/MXRoad/PowerCivil

    La communauté Civile Francophone a rejoint le groupe "OpenRoads https://communities.bentley.com/products/road___site_design/f/openroads-opensite-openrail-forum-french " Merci à toutes et tous pour votre participation, à bientôt sur le nouveau fo
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  • ProjectWise Hosting Services

    ProjectWise Hosting Services

    ProjectWise Hosted Systems
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  • ISO 15926

    ISO 15926

    Bentley's source of ISO 15926 information. Used for the collation and reporting of ISO 15926 activities.
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