Extract summary from Element Information window as text

This is probably a bit niche so doubt anyone has had reason to look at before, but...

I was wondering if it was possible to extract the selection summary from the Element Information tool as text for manipulation.

The reason I ask is that I often want to copy *many* MX strings from a survey model for use in a design model. The quickest, easiest way I've found to choose which strings I need is to pick them with the MicroStation selection tool and then review the string names in the summary of the Element Information window as per the attached screenshot. I can then add the string names (CO3V, CO3W, CO3X, etc.) to my MX input file simply by copying them out manually. If it's only a few strings then it's not so bad, when I start getting 20, 30, 40+ strings then it becomes a little tiresome.

I've sometimes resorted to screengrabbing the list, PDFing it and running OCR on the PDF to get the text out. That method can be a little prone to errors though and changing the Dialog Font to something more OCR friendly doesn't seem to affect the font in the Element Information Window.

It seems like it should be a really easy thing to do, I'm hoping there's a random MDL command that I don't know about that can do this. Any ideas?!

  • I have an application that extracts element information selection strings and then displays them in the dgn at your active text attribute. Please the see the video at https://youtu.be/yNP9T_LLVWs to see if it is close to what you are looking for. Please use a desktop to view video. I will be doing a video on the application in C# and VB .NET for a MicroStation V8i and a MicroStation CONNECT Edition version in the near future. After reviewing the video, you can contact me for additional information or for a copy of the application as is with instructions.