• AssetWise ALIM New Onboarding Page

    AssetWise ALIM has a new Onboarding page on Bentley Communities! This page is a new space for ALIM users to access information about new features, what’s coming next, training videos, resources and inspiration for where your AssetWise and Digital Twin journey can take you. In this blog, we will look at each section to understand what it contains. It starts with a general introduction and an ALIM Product Overview video…

    • Fri, Nov 26 2021
    • Tue, Aug 3 2021
  • MineCycle Material Handling

    Bulk Material Handling System Design: How to Increase FEL 1-2 Quality and Efficiency

    Learn how to gain a competitive advantage and transform the efficiency of your FEL 1-2 design process with Bentley’s MineCycle Material Handling software.

    Presenter: Simon Smith


    • Fri, Sep 25 2015
  • Bentley Social Enthusiasts

    What is a Social Enthusiast?

    We love social media. And we love getting YOU to love social media! Your social enthusiasts are here to help guide you through the landscape of virtual connection. We will be active on Communities, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube—helping you make the most of your virtual experience and establishing the personal connections you are looking for.



    • Tue, Mar 17 2015
  • Introducing: Ask An Expert


    In an effort to provide higher quality interaction between Bentley Users and Bentley Subject Matter Experts, we bring you “Ask an Expert – a program hosted on Bentley Communities that directly follows specific Special Interest Group Sessions.

    This program gives you the opportunity to attend a specific Special Interest Group or Webinar and immediately take all of your session questions and product specific…

    • Mon, Jan 26 2015
  • Who Are Bentley’s Knowledge Executives?

    Knowledge Executives — formerly known as Bentley-empowered Most Valuable Professionals (BeMVPs) — are a prestigious group of experts who actively share insight and industry-specific best practices with their respective infrastructure communities. Comprised of Bentley colleagues and users alike, these extraordinary individuals have a vast understanding of Bentley products and technologies and are recognized for their exceptional…

    • Mon, Dec 22 2014