Who Are Bentley’s Knowledge Executives?

Knowledge Executives — formerly known as Bentley-empowered Most Valuable Professionals (BeMVPs) — are a prestigious group of experts who actively share insight and industry-specific best practices with their respective infrastructure communities. Comprised of Bentley colleagues and users alike, these extraordinary individuals have a vast understanding of Bentley products and technologies and are recognized for their exceptional technical know-how, community engagement and willingness to help others, as well as their ability to foster the exchange of knowledge by sharing real-world personal experiences.

Though Knowledge Executives come from various backgrounds, with distinct viewpoints and ideas, they are able to represent the Communities mission with a common goal:  to provide invaluable content and feedback that will help other infrastructure professionals quickly solve problems and discover new capabilities in their Bentley software. Knowledge Executives do this by maintaining blogs, contributing to wiki articles, answering questions in Communities’ forums, and hosting their own Interactive LEARN sessions.

Program Benefits
To help aid their community contributions, each Knowledge Executive is eligible for the following incentives:

  • Access to a personalized, private community to interact with site administrators
  • Beta testing new Bentley products and programs
  • Ability to host webinars and Ask An Expert Sessions
  • Public acknowledgements on Bentley.com,  on social media platforms, and at our annual Bentley LEARNing Conferences
  • Private virtual conferences with Bentley management

How to Become a Leader in your Community 
Nominations for this program are managed by community moderators and site administrators — no submission required. If you wish to obtain this esteemed title, simply demonstrate your leadership abilities by contributing quality information in the community (or communities) that match your subject matter expertise. 

If you believe that you, or someone in your community, deserves to be proclaimed a Knowledge Executive, please submit your nomination and justification to David.Silver@bentley.com today!