A New Day | A New Community

Bentley Communities is an amazing resource for learning, collaborating, and discovering. For several years we’ve watched users and colleagues work together to have rich conversations while useful knowledge gets exchanged.

As we all move together into the future, there is a focus within Bentley Communities that we would like everyone to be aware of, be educated in, and participate. This initiative is simple: Communities Blogging.

It’s something so simple, yet we have yet to master this on the Communities platform. And with this article, we plan on making today the beginning of a community platform that encourages both users and colleagues alike to share their knowledge & stories throu

Why blog? Well, it’s a way to help our users in a unique fashion that is not selling them anything. It is a way to educate users in a personal manner. For our colleagues who will be blogging, we blog in order to increase product usage.

So, now what? Below this article is a quick “Blogging 101” document that outlines the best tips & tricks for blogging on Communities. As we move into the future, we will be coordinating with working groups & their leaders to have a complete Bentley Systems buy-in for this blogging initiative, so stay tuned.

If you want to assist in championing this blogging initiative and get started today, please reach out to David.Silver@bentley.com