What could be better than getting a book that is the collective effort of thousands of engineering professionals who dedicate their careers to managing wastewater and providing basic sanitation services to ensure public safety?

How about a special price of only $75 (rather than $195), for students only!

Bentley Systems has been serving wastewater engineers around the world for years, and the discussions with that community have provided the inspiration for this book.

Hydraulic modeling has become an integral part of wastewater collection system design and operation. While the mechanics of the software are easy to learn and most programs are well documented, making the connection between real pipes and manholes and their mathematical representation in the computer often is a challenge for modelers.

Wastewater Collection System Modeling and Design , authored by Thomas Walski, Thomas Barnard, Eric Harold, LaVere Merritt, Noah Walker, and Brian Whitman, helps budding engineers apply models to solve day-to-day problems. It bridges the gap between the model and the real world. This book considers the range of wastewater collection system types, from strictly sanitary sewer systems to combined systems. 


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