The Be Careers Network team hosted two Academic Workshops for Engineering Institutions at Kolkata (9th April 2012) and Guwahati (11th April 2012). Both cities, Kolkata and Guwahati are located in north-eastern region of India and about 100 miles from the international borders of Bangladesh and China, respectively. For Be Careers, it was a commitment to outreach these regions and work with Institutions who are interested to adapt technology for betterment of their student community.


The first Academic Workshop was hosted in Bentley’s Kolkata Office on 9th April which had about 13 participants ( 4 faculties and 9 Post Graduation students) representing 3 Institutions from Kolkata. The other event was hosted in Hotel Kiranshree, Guwahati on 11th April with 15 participants (8 faculty and 6 Post Graduation students) representing 4 Institutions from Guwahati. Both events were organised to introduce the concept of technology teaching in Civil Engineering curriculum and introduce Institutions to Bentley’s Academic Program.


The Event began with a welcome from our authorise partner, Mr. K. Roy Chowdhury, Director, Technology Development Centre, Kolkata with a briefing about Academic achievements made with our program in the North-eastern region – both at Industry and Education level.  

Followed Mr. Roy’s welcome note, I made a presentation on Bentley Systems and introduced the participants to our Academic Program - “Bentley empowered Network Program” ( Apart from sharing the benefits about our Academic program, I highlighted the various ongoing National level infrastructure projects and the growing need of technology ready profession required by the Industry. With many infrastructure projects are announced every year but we are still facing deficiency of innovative and quality Engineers in the field.

I showed the scope of introducing technology at various Engineering curriculums and serving the Industry’s resource requirement. With our BeCN Academic Program providing similar commercial technology to Institutions and the access to training with Home-use licenses, the academicians understand that there is a good commitment of working with Bentley solutions.

After my presentation our young Application Engineer, Pradhan Sowmen, made a presentation highlighting Bentley’s Road & Rail solutions. This was most awaited session for faculties and students wanting to see the features of MX Road and Bentley Rail Track, the most used software in Indian Road & Rail industry. In end of his presentation, Pradhan highlighted various transportation projects done using our solutions and benefits which industry has witnessed with the use of technology.


After lunch, Pradhan made the faculties and students work on MX Road Software and gave them a firsthand impression of creating a digital terrain model with a local survey data and later creating a Road network on the same survey model. He showed application features to the knowledge and requirements of the participants. The faculties recommended the need to have MX Road in Post Graduation curriculum but there were suggestions to recommend MX Road in the Under Graduation curriculum too. In the end discussion, the faculties and students shared to have an enjoyable experience while working on the technology and few committed to use MX Road for their life time.

Both the events shared a successful participation and developed a close relation between the Academicians and Bentley team. With the Workshop agenda and in between discussions, the group understood that there is a need to introduce students with technology during their Institutional schedules and do have technology part of their regular curriculums.

I thanked all the participants for spending their complete day to attend and make this Academic workshop a success!

Mohit Bradoo

Academic Program Manager

Be Careers Network (India)